Are After Eights Vegan?

No, unfortunately After Eights contains butterfat (from milk) making them non-vegan.

There is often some confusion around After Eights as the original recipe (not the current recipe) was vegan. However, the recipe was changed to include dairy meaning they are no longer vegan and have not been for a long time. 

After Eights always seem to make an appearance around christmas time and it is one of the few festive treats that seems like it could be vegan at first glance. An After Eight is dark chocolate with a mint fondant, arguably the perfect creation for mint chocolate lovers! However, the inclusion of butterfat in the recipe means they are not vegan and not suitable for people with dairy allergies. 

After Eights are made by Nestle. While Nestle offer some vegan products they are not a cruelty free brand due to animal testing

Looking for a mint chocolate vegan alternative?  

Check out: 

Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp (this is great as a gift)

Don’t miss out on sweet treats, there’s plenty of vegan options out there.

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