Is Toothpaste Vegan?

It may surprise you to hear that not all toothpaste is vegan. In fact, a lot of toothpaste is not vegan due to it containing animal-derived ingredients such as glycerin, propolis or non-vegan flavours and colouring. Another reason a toothpaste may not be considered vegan is if it has been tested on animals. 

It can be difficult to find out if a toothpaste has been tested on animals or if its ingredients are from animal sources so if you don’t feel like contacting the manufacturer directly, the best thing to do is choose products that are clearly labelled as vegan. 

Health shops often offer a range of vegan toothpastes including brands such as Kingfisher, Aloe Dent and Eco Denta. 

What vegan toothpaste is available in UK supermarkets? There have been many times I’ve been in the local supermarket and have remembered I’m running low on toothpaste. Until recently, finding vegan toothpaste in the supermarket has been near impossible. However, now Colgate have released their Colgate Smile For Good product which is available in most supermarkets. Superdrug and Co-op offer a selection of own brand vegan toothpastes that are worth checking out too.

If you want to buy vegan toothpaste online, here are some of the best options (according to The Vegan Dentist):

EcoDenta Brilliant Whitening Toothpaste (This one is my personal favourite, the taste is great!)

If you’re looking for vegan toothpaste in Superdrug, try out their ProCare range:

Superdrug ProCare Whitening Toothpaste

Superdrug ProCare Sensitive Toothpaste

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