Are Doc Martens Vegan?

Dr Martens offer a range of vegan boots and sandals meaning some of their products are suitable for vegans. They launched a new vegan collection back in 2019 and don’t worry… NONE of the aesthetic appeal, durability or comfort has been lost in the quest for sustainability and more eco-friendly, vegan versions of the classic Dr Martens.

Vegan Dr Martens are stylish, comfortable and offer everything you could want from a new pair of docs. On top of being better for the environment, the vegan versions are also easier to break in and easier to maintain compared to the leather versions.

Vegan 1460 Ankle Boots at

In the vegan range you can find everything from the classic 1460 ankle boot to platform boots, Chelsea boots or even classic 1461 shoes or strap sandals. Dr Martens also has a couple of vegan bags available too.

Vegan 2976 Chelsea Boots at

The vegan DMs are made from synthetic material that looks like leather. The material is high-shine with a premium feel and a subtle two-tone finish. The material is completely vegan-friendly with no animal products used for the making of the Dr Martens vegan products.

Vegan backpack at

Are Vegan Dr Martens Good Quality? Yes, vegan DMs are great quality. They are built to last and feature the Goodyear Welt construction which means the upper and sole of the shoe is sewn together using the Doc Marten heat-sealed Z-welt stitch. The vegan shoes are uncompromising in their style, quality and durability. They are even easier to break in and maintain compared to the traditional leather Doc Martens.

Are vegan Doc Martens Waterproof? Vegan Dr Martens are water resistant, easy to clean and can be worn in rainy weather without worry. The synthetic material is high quality, durable and comfortable.

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