Best Vegan Gifts For Her

On this list you’ll find a range of vegan gift ideas including food treats, clothing gifts, beauty/ pamper sets and other thoughtful presents that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your favourite vegan. If the gift recipient can see you’ve been thoughtful about the gift choice they are going to feel so special and this list will help you do just that! This guide makes choosing a vegan-friendly present easy.

Food Gifts

Vegan Brownie Box

This vegan brownie box can be posted straight through your (or the gift recipients) letterbox making it super easy and convenient! As you can see from the picture, the box of 9 brownies looks divine and they can be mixed and matched to include the recipients favourite flavours. Whisk & Bake offer personalisations, gift wrap and celebration toppers such as “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary” or “I Love You” to help make this a special gift. This vegan brownie box is a special treat, it is thoughtful and makes sure no one will miss out on sweet celebratory treats.

Vegan Cookie Box

If you like the idea of the brownies but you think cookies will be better then go for this box. The letterbox cookie set includes 3 chocolate chip and 3 double chocolate cookies and they are baked the evening before (or morning) of posting to ensure they arrive fresh and delicious. These cookies are packaged using eco friendly materials too. If your favourite vegan loves sweet treats, send this to their door!

Chocolate Selection Box

This selection box includes a few of the top vegan alternatives to popular chocolate bars. There is a great variety of vegan goodies and it makes a perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Beauty Gifts

Zero Waste Gift Set

This pamper kit is vegan and zero waste. It is a perfect gift for an environmentally-conscious friend and includes a clay mask, massage soap, bamboo cotton buds, a cotton laundry bag and reusable bamboo cotton makeup remover pads. The set is beautifully wrapped and is perfect for letting your loved ones know you put thought into their present and wanted to choose something that aligns with their values.

Handmade Candle Set

If you’re loved one likes candles then look no further than this vegan candle gift set. These candles are handcrafted, cruelty-free and made using 100% natural ingredients. They look fantastic, smell amazing and the ginger & lemongrass candle was even awarded Best Vegan Candle of the Year! You can include a gift message and gift wrapping with these candles too.


Bumble Bee Vegan Backpack

This vegan leather backpack is super cute. It is high quality, lightweight and has enough space for a casual day out. It is made from a blend on materials including cotton fibres, pineapple leaves and recycled polyester. This material does not crack or fade easily and is water resistant.

Vegan Tees & Jumpers

These soft, comfortable and eco-friendly clothes make a great vegan gift. These are high-quality, created to last and are also organic and PETA-Approved. These clothes help spread a positive message and each purchase plants a tree. There are lots of designs available so you can choose one that you know will make the gift recipient smile.

Other Gifts

Vegan Cookbook

There are lots of great vegan cookbooks out there. BOSH! is one of the most popular as it is packed with simple and delicious plant-based recipes. This is a recipe book that will actually get used rather than one that will be left to get dusty on a shelf.

Vegan Food Wraps

We talked about vegan food wraps in another post and we think they’d make a great gift as part of a hamper or even as a secret Santa for a vegan co-worker. They are colourful, easy to use and a perfect alternative to plastic food coverings.

A Quality Blender

A blender is a great (but maybe slightly random) gift for a vegan. I know how many smoothies I make and how many times I blend cashew for sauces etc. and a high quality blender is something that can handle making everything from nut butters to frozen fruit smoothies.

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