Best Vegan Travel Snacks

Snacks are essential for any adventure and a little bit of thought and planning can make all the difference for your next trip. Snacks always seem to taste better on the road and although finding vegan snacks on the go is getting easier it is still challenging. I always feel much better for having a few of my favourite snacks in my bag.

Looking for snack-inspiration? This list will help you make sure you don’t go hungry when on the road.

The Low Cost Classics (My Go-To Vegan Snacks)

  • Peanut Butter Sandwich

A cheap classic. Easy to get the ingredients, easy to make on the go and it tastes sooo good. This has always been a road trip go to for me, especially when travelling in more remote areas. I tend to make my peanut butter sandwiches with banana too.

Note: not all peanut butter is vegan so make sure you check the ingredients. I like the Nuts About Nature Peanut Butter as it is 100% peanuts with no palm oil or sugar. Other good options include Whole Earth Peanut Butter and Meridian Peanut Butter.

  • Veggies or Crisps with Dip

Carrots, celery, cucumber, pepper or a bag of crisps and a container of hummus or guacamole is one of my favourite options.

  • Mixed Nuts or Trail Mix

Simple, convenient and readily available. A pack of mixed nuts is ideal when on the go, they are great for keeping in your bag for a hike or in the car for long drives.

  • Fresh Fruit & Dried Fruit

There’s loads of options here. When it comes to fresh fruit your best bet will be options that are self-contained making them perfect for travel. Think bananas, grapes, blueberries, apples, oranges. For an even better experience, think about what fruit is in season and grows in the country you are travelling in. You can’t get much better than eating fresh, locally grown oranges when spending the day on the road.


Dark chocolate is a perfect sweet snack to keep you going. Check out the free from range, high percentage dark chocolate bars, Vego, Doisy & Dam etc.

Not sure what chocolate to go for? Check out my guide to vegan alternatives to popular chocolate.

Home Made Sandwiches/ Wraps

I find making sandwiches or wraps and taking them with me is a lot easier, cheaper and considerably less stressful than trying to find vegan sandwiches on route. My advice is to take some with you and if you happen to come across vegan options during the journey then it’s an added bonus!

Ready Made Snacks

Snack Bars

Looking for a convenient, high energy vegan snack? Try a pre-made snack bar. Or, if you have time you can make some at home so you have full control over the ingredients.

Clif Bars


Naked Bars



Popcorn can make a great “Grab & Go” snack in between meals. Just check the ingredients to make sure the one you choose is vegan.

Vegan Jerky

If you crave a “meaty” snack then you’ll love vegan jerky. There are a few different options including Primal Spirit and Louisville.

Readily Available Vegan Snacks (UK)

These are vegan snacks you can usually find in ANY store. Just double check the ingredients when picking out flavours to ensure there’s no added milk powder etc.

  • Bourbon Biscuits
  • Party Rings
  • Pringles
  • Kettle Chips
  • Walkers Crisps
  • Graze
  • Bombay Mix
  • Jelly Tots
  • Chocolate (check out the free from range, dark chocolate bars, Vego, Doisy & Dam etc.)
  • Rice Cakes

Ready Made Snack Boxes

If you don’t have time to head out to the supermarket or you’re just feeling lazy then a ready made snack box is ideal. A vegan snack box has a range of sweet and savoury snacks and is delivered to your door so it’s great for just putting in your bag or car and hitting the road. It’s also a thoughtful gift for your vegan travel partner!

Remember to take plenty of water on your trip too.

Top Priority Travel Items

Now you have your snacks ready, make sure you don’t forget to pack your:

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