Is Peanut Butter Vegan?

Yes, peanut butter is usually vegan. It’s always worth checking the ingredients but the majority of peanut butter is made with peanuts, vegetable oil and salt. The best peanut butter is made with 100% peanuts.

The creamy, versatile goodness of peanut butter is delicious and most types are vegan. It’s great in smoothies, sandwiches, sauces and dips.

Best Vegan Peanut Butter Options:

These options are high-quality, vegan and widely available in supermarkets.

Does Peanut Butter Contain Butter? No, peanut butter doesn’t contain butter. It is a “nut butter” meaning it is made from ground nuts (often with a touch of vegetable oil and salt). High quality peanut butters contain 100% peanuts and nothing else!

How Is Peanut Butter Made? Peanuts are ground into a paste. Common additions include salt and vegetable oil but there is peanut butter made from 100% peanuts available.

Other Nut Butters

Almond Butter is another popular option that is relatively easy to find. Cashew butter is also popular and worth a try. Other nut butters such as pistachio butter and hazelnut butter are less mainstream so will be more difficult to find.

Is Nutella Vegan? No, Nutella is not vegan as it contains milk. Vego Hazelnut is a great vegan alternative to Nutella, it is a creamy hazelnut chocolate spread (& is organic, palm oil free and fair trade).

Top Tips For Finding Vegan Nut Butters:

  • Look out for options with 100% nuts/seeds
  • If you’re unsure, keep your eye out for vegan certification
  • If possible, avoid additives, sugar and E numbers
  • Exercise caution with butters containing palm oil (go for certified sustainably sourced palm oil)

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