Are Converse Vegan?

Some converse styles are vegan-friendly. The Converse Canvas Chuck Taylor All Stars styles are vegan. The Chucks are the classic style that is almost synonymous with Converse, they are comfortable, versatile and look great with pretty much anything.

However, there are many converse styles available and different styles use different materials. This means a number of the other converse styles are not vegan due to the use of leather or suede.

Although Converse sell many vegan-friendly products they are not a certified vegan brand.

When choosing Converse, always look at the materials being used. If choosing a canvas shoe, make sure there isn’t any non-vegan add-ons such as an embossed leather patch (Chuck 70 High Top we are looking at you here, the leather patch means this style is not vegan).

Most Converse shoes are made from cotton canvas and rubber. One of the main issues when looking for vegan shoes is the glue that is used to hold the materials together. All of the glue used by converse is synthetic and non-animal based. It makes the search for shoes easier knowing that Converse use a vegan-friendly glue on all of their styles.

Vegan Converse Styles To Look At

  • Chucks – as mentioned the Chuck Taylor canvas shoes are vegan-friendly. These are iconic and hugely popular so we love the fact they are vegan.
  • Converse Renew – this is a collection of shoes made from discarded materials, giving waste a second life. So, if you are looking for a vegan, eco-friendly pair of shoes check out the Renew range.
  • Vegan celebrity collaborations – Another thing to note about Converse is that they have partnered with a few vegan celebrities over the years to create limited edition ranges. These collaborations have resulted in collections of beautiful vegan-friendly shoes so it is always worth keeping an eye out for future partnerships.

Important Information To Know Before You Buy Converse:

  • Converse is not considered cruelty-free as they use animal leather and suede. However, they do offer great vegan options and Converse use vegan shoe glue on all of their shoes.
  • The main materials used in Converse shoes are cotton canvas and rubber. Some styles use real leather and suede too which are not vegan-friendly.
  • The iconic Chuck Taylor All Star range is vegan. Just watch out for the Chuck Taylor 70 (high tops) which has a real leather patch making it not vegan.

Vegan Alternatives

If you love the Converse style but you would prefer to support a vegan brand then check out Ethletic.

These Ethletic Fairtrade Trainers are a best seller. They are vegan and made with Fairtrade certified and organic cotton. They also have FSC certified rubber soles and have built in arch supports for added comfort. These are the shoes to go for if you are looking for a vegan converse style shoe that is produced ethically.

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