Are Marshmallows Vegan?

Traditionally marshmallows are not vegan as they contain gelatin or egg whites. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plant based options available though, just check the ingredients list or look out for the vegan marshmallow products listed below.

Why Do Marshmallows Contain Gelatin?

Gelatin is often used in marshmallows to bind the ingredients and product the marshmallow texture. As gelatin is animal collagen from the bones, skin and connective tissues of animals vegans and vegetarians will want to avoid marshmallows containing gelatin.

Vegan MarshmallowsSizeGood ForFlavourGelling Agent UsedCheck Price
Freedom ConfectionaryMini Hot chocolates or rocky roads“Pink & White” (Vanilla)CarrageenanAmazon
Freedom ConfectionaryRegularToasting over a fireStrawberryCarrageenanEthical Superstore
DandiesRegularMaking S’moresVanillaCarrageenanAmazon

Vegan Marshmallows

Vegan marshmallows are made using plant based gelling agents instead. This simple switch is really the only difference between vegan and non vegan marshmallows. Common plant based gelling agents include agar, carrageenan and carob bean gum. Currently there are not many vegan marshmallows on the shelves in UK supermarkets but you can order them online with ease.

Image from Veganoo

Where To Buy Vegan Marshmallows UK

Freedom Confectionary Mallows

Amazon – 75g Mini Pink & White Vanilla Bites

Ethical Superstore – 75g Mini Pink & White Vanilla Bites

These are vegan, dairy and egg free, gluten free and gelatine free. These are mini marshmallows so won’t be good for toasting around a campfire but are perfect as a hot chocolate topping. The taste and texture of these marshmallows are spot on.

Image from Veganoo

If you are looking for chunky vegan marshmallows that are perfect for toasting over a fire then try these:

Ethical Superstore – Freedom Confectionary Strawberry Marshmallows

Image from Veganoo

Other Options:


These vegan marshmallows are made in the USA but are often available in Holland & Barrett stores. They are large, soft and squishy and can be toasted over an open fire or used to make s’mores! They are also available on Amazon.

Photo from Veganoo

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