Are Jammie Dodgers Vegan?

Yes, as of July 2020 Jammie Dodgers are vegan. This is the result of a recipe change that removed milk protein from the ingredients.

To help you avoid picking up an old pack that contains milk, this is how the vegan-friendly Jammie Dodgers are packaged:

The packaging is a dark red and there is a yellow notice stating “NO NASTY STUFF! WE’RE JAMMIE ENOUGH!”. If you’re unsure, flip the packet over and there are 2 vegan confirmations. The first is the “suitable for vegans” circle next to the “suitable for vegetarians” tick.

The second is found on their “But what about…” list which include:

  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial flavours
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No GM ingredients
  • No hydrogenated fats
  • and finally… that they are vegan friendly!

If you’re wondering what goes into these delicious jam- filled shortcake biscuits, here is the ingredients list (correct at time of posting, May 2021):

Did you know Jammie Dodgers actually contain raspberry-flavoured apple jam as opposed to raspberry jam? This is simply because raspberry jam isn’t firm enough to hold the top and bottom biscuits together whereas apple jam is as apples are rich in pectin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Have Jammie Dodgers Always Been Suitable For Vegans? No, they had been up until 2016 when the recipe was changed to include milk. This change disappointed many and resulted in a petition being made. Finally in 2020 the recipe was changed again to make the biscuits dairy free and vegan.

Do Jammie Dodgers contain milk? Not anymore! Jammie Dodgers are dairy free and they are made on a separate production line from biscuits that contain milk to make them suitable for those with allergies. Jammie Dodgers are milk-free and suitable for vegans.

Do Jammie Dodgers contain palm oil? Yes, however the palm oil is from sustainable sources.

Jammie Dodgers are available in supermarkets. Many copycat versions of the biscuit are not vegan-friendly so be careful if choosing a different brand.

As always, check the packaging to confirm the ingredients as the recipe may change.

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