Vivera Vegan Steak Review

Vegan meat often receives mixed reviews but the Vivera plant steak is a really good option that is well worth a try. The taste and texture is great, it is meaty (high in protein too) and is very easy to cook.

I was really happy with how the steak looked after cooking and once I cut into it the texture was nice too. It wasn’t mushy like some meat alternatives can be and it also wasn’t chewy or grissly. I really enjoyed it.

You get 2 x 100g steaks in a pack. They are made from rehydrated soya and wheat protein which may not sound appealing but the results are amazing. The steaks need to be fried or grilled on a medium heat for around 9 minutes so they are very quick and easy to make.

I served both steaks with a side of veg and potatoes. The Vivera steak is juicy and seasoned on its own. I think it would go really well with some kind of peppercorn sauce but I kept the dish simple and was happy with how it turned out.

Having alternatives like this is fantastic because most people don’t go vegan because they don’t like the taste of meat so this gives an option that can satisfy any want for meaty-ness without the cruelty and negative impact on the environment.

This plant steak is worth a try whether you are vegan or simply trying to reduce your meat intake. One of the things that I think is interesting is comparing this plant steak to a meat steak as many people believe making such a switch will leave you protein-deficient and hungry (spoiler alert: it WON’T).

Vegan Steak Vs Meat Steak

This vegan steak costs around £3 for 200g , this is around the same price as a Tesco Beef Rump Steak which is £3.55 for 255g. (There are many more expensive meat options available).


  • The Vivera steak offers 19g of protein per 100g.
  • The Tesco beef rump steak offers 20.3g per 100g.

You can enjoy a high protein meal choosing the vegan alternative and it will also contribute to your fibre, iron and Vitamin B12 intake.

This plant based steak isn’t going to be for everyone but I really enjoyed it and will be definitely be getting it again.

I love how many innovative plant-based products are now widely available in supermarkets. Making small changes to what you buy helps make a big change to the world we live in. I love that it is becoming easier for us all to make more environmentally-conscious choices without “missing out” on the things we enjoy.

You can find the Vivera Plant Steak at most supermarkets including Tesco and it is palm oil free so that ticks another box for many sustainable shoppers.

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