Best Vegan Hiking Boots

This guide will help you find durable, grippy and supportive hiking boots that contain no animal-derived products. Powered by plants on every adventure, let’s go!

Updated May 2022

Our VerdictVegan Hiking BootsCheck Price
Most Eco-FriendlySport Waterproof Hiking Boots from Will’s Vegan ShoesMens (Will’s Vegan Shoes)
Womens (Will’s Vegan Shoes)
Best All RounderMerrell MQM Flex 2 Mid GORE-TEXMens (Amazon)
Womens (Amazon)
Best Lightweight BootsInov-8 Roclite G 345 GTXMens (Amazon)
Womens (Amazon)
Best QualityScarpa Maverick GTXMens (Amazon)
Womens (Amazon)
Great TractionMammut T Aenergy High GTX BootAmazon
Minimalist OptionVivobarefoot Magna TrailMens (Amazon)
Womens (Amazon)

Are Hiking Boots Vegan?

It is quite common for hiking boots to have leather or other animal-derived products, however, many outdoor brands have options that are made from synthetic materials. These may not be labelled as being vegan but if you check the label and it says 100% synthetic then you’re good to go! Many vegan-friendly hiking boots are now being labelled as vegan to make our search even easier.

Are Vegan Hiking Boots Durable?

Yes, don’t worry quality vegan hiking boots are durable and will be able to withstand the usual wear and tear. Many synthetic materials also dry quickly making them a great option for wet hikes or river crossings too.

Are Vegan Shoes Bad For The Environment?

This is an interesting topic as vegan shoes are often made using synthetic materials so are arguably not eco-friendly. However, their environmental impact is considerably less than if you were to buy real leather. With that said, it is best to find companies that focus on sustainability and eco-friendly solutions.

Top 6 Vegan Hiking Boots in 2021

Most Eco-Friendly: Sport Waterproof Hiking Boots from Will’s Vegan Shoes

These walking boots look traditional, they are sturdy, grippy and protective. One of the features we like about these vegan, eco-friendly boots is the removable EVA innersoles. This lets you adjust the size to best support your forefoot and midfoot ensuring you are completely comfortable on every hike.

These boots use Vibram rubber injection outsoles which are one of the most popular outsole option for hiking boots thanks to their excellent traction and durability. These boots are made to be waterproof and have a waterproof membrane that protects your feet while also allowing air to flow. With that said, if you walk for several hours in the rain you will find that your feet are damp by the end of it but overall these boots hold up well against the weather.

These boots are carbon neutral and are built to last. They are ideal for serious hikers as they are supportive, sturdy and are scuff resistant.

Update May 2022 – After a while of being sold out it seems these boots are now in stock again in all sizes YAY!

  • Pros: Comfortable, look great, well padded, durable, carbon-neutral
  • Cons: Not 100% waterproof (expect damp feet in downpours and extreme wet weather)

Check price on Will’s Vegan Store (Mens)

Check price on Will’s Vegan Store (Womens)

Best All Rounder: Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid GORE-TEX

These hiking shoes are comfortable straight out of the box, they are rugged and ready for mountains. These shoes are true to size and compared to other shoes of this calibre they are lightweight making it easier to walk fast and feel nimble during hikes.

These boots have a great grip and they are designed to suit any adventure so you can wear them for hikes, climbs or even trail runs. These are the Flex 2 so are the updated version of this shoe. They now have a Merrell mountain-grade Quantum Grip rubber outsole and a lug depth of 5mm. This sole change means more traction and a sturdier shoe. The other big change with the upgrade is that these shoes are vegan friendly. Woohoo!

These walking shoes are waterproof, breathable and offer enough support in the places you need it. They are an excellent all-rounder but may not be specialised enough if you have specific adventures planned.

  • Pros: Fantastic traction, comfortable straight from the box, waterproof
  • Cons: May not be specialised enough depending on your needs

Check price on Amazon (Mens)

Check price on Amazon (Womens)

Best Lightweight Boots: Inov-8 Roclite G 345 GTX

If you need a pair of waterproof hiking boots that are super lightweight but extremely tough, these are the ones you need. The main selling point of these boots is the soles. They are made from gum rubber and graphene, graphene is the strongest and lightest material in the world. This is a sustainable, eco-friendly option that is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

The grip is perfect for tricky terrains and if you are going for a long hike, these are the shoes you’ll want on your feet. The fit is snug and the lacing system is very user-friendly. These boots have a high ankle design to help prevent rolling.

  • Pros: Ultra-lightweight, cushioned, graphene grip
  • Cons: Can be tight fitting, not ideal for road surfaces

Check price on Amazon (Mens)

Check price on Amazon (Womens)

Excellent Quality: Scarpa Maverick GTX

Scarpa has an excellent reputation when it comes to high-quality hiking boots and they now have a vegan-friendly option. The Maverick boots are Scarpa’s first fully vegan hiking boots and they tick all the boxes.

These boots are waterproof and provide plenty of grip so they are able to handle adventures at any time of the year. Although lightweight, these boots do feel quite rigid so they offer good support for rocky and uneven terrain.

The Gore-Tex liner is breathable, comfortable and helps stop moisture from getting into your shoes. These boots also have a SuperGrum Rubber sole providing extra grip and they feature a rubber toe guard too.

  • Pros: Waterproof, supportive, lightweight, made to last
  • Cons: Stiffer than other boots so will need breaking in before the first big hike

Check price on Amazon (Mens)

Check price on Amazon (Womens)

Great Traction: Mammut T Aenergy High GTX Boot

These hiking boots are durable and can handle more challenging conditions without an issue. The boots have a rubber toe cap that provides protection for rocky terrain. This also helps to keep the boots in great shape for longer.

The upper lace ring is set far back which makes it easy to properly lace up your botos for a long walk, although the laces are quite thin compared to some making them a little more fiddly to tie (especially when your hands are cold).

These shoes use the Vibram Scale sole which is inspired by Pangolins and provides excellent traction of all surfaces. They hold up against wet and slippery surfaces too. These boots are perfect for autumn.

Pros: Stable, good traction, durable

Cons: Heavier than other options

Check price on Amazon

Minimalist Option: Vivobarefoot Magna Trail

Lightweight, waterproof and minimalist. If you are looking for traditional hiking boots, these aren’t the ones. If you are looking for outdoor shoes that are lightweight and sustainable with a sock-like fit these are great.

These shoes are water-resistant and are great for any terrains that don’t require heavy foot protection. They are made from recycled PET fabrics so rate well in terms of sustainability.

These Vivobarefoot shoes offer more ankle support than the other options in their range making them better suited to hiking.

Pros: 3mm outsoles, lightweight, minimalist, eco-friendly

Cons: the fit doesn’t suit everyone, not ideal for harsh terrains

Check price on Amazon (Mens)

Check price on Amazon (Womens)

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