Best Blenders

A low-cost blender may have an appealing price tag but the chances are it is unreliable, unable to blend effectively and will stop working soon after you buy it. Since becoming vegan I have found myself using a blender almost daily to make smoothies, blend cashews for vegan camembert and so much more.

The blender is now a key tool in the kitchen and having a good one makes a world of difference. Below is a collection of the most reliable blenders on the market so you can buy your new blender with confidence.

Our VerdictBlenderCheck Price
Top PickVitamixAmazon
Runner UpNinjaAmazon
Best for Daily SmoothiesNutribulletAmazon
Reliable OptionBlendtecAmazon
Budget PickKenwoodAmazon

Top Pick: Vitamix

Pros: Large blades, long warranty, powerful, reliable

Cons: Expensive

The Vitamix E320 is our top pick because it is a top-quality blender that is reliable enough for daily use and powerful enough to make everything from smoothies to nut butters.

Although this blender has a high price tag, it also has a 7 year warranty, unbeatable performance and durability that is unmatched. This is a blender that will stay by your side for years of cooking experiments and delicious dishes.

This blender has 10 variable speeds as well as a pulse function so it can be used for everything from mixing batter to making sauce, smoothies or plant milks to grinding nuts or coffee beans. Unlike many blenders, this one does not struggle with ice or tougher ingredients.

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Runner Up: Ninja

Pros: Excellent value for money, preset options, high build quality

Cons: Very loud

Our runner up is the Ninja 2-in-1 Blender with Auto-IQ because it is powerful, versatile and has a range of modes to suit different requirements.

One thing we like about this compared to the Vitamix is the included personal blender. This is perfect for daily smoothies while the large multi-serve blender ensures you can make larger portions when you need to. Having a smaller container for is particularly helpful for quickly preparing smoothies and cleaning up without any fuss.

Overall, this is a reliable, practical blender that is great for everyday use and is the best option if you are looking to spend around the £100 mark.

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Best for Daily Smoothies: Nutribullet

Pros: Ideal for smoothies and milkshakes, small size, low cost, best for 1-2 servings

Cons: Not great for tougher blending needs such as making nut butters

If you need a blender for your daily single serving smoothie, Nutribullet is the best option for you. This is compact, easy to use and it handles basic blending needs well.

This isn’t the best blender if you have versatile requirements, for example you want to make nut butter as well as smoothies and milkshakes.

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Reliable Option: Blendtec Classic 575

Pros: Easy to clean, multiple setting options, versatile, well built

Cons: Large size, loud

The Classic 575 is another great blender option. It’s an all-in-one blender that has 5 speed settings, 4 preprogrammed cycles and a pulse setting too. It also has a clean cycle to help make it as easy to clean as possible.

This blender can handle workload without a problem so it’s a good choice for people who use their blender regularly. It is quite a noisy option but it’s powerful and reliable.

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Budget Pick: Kenwood

Pros: Crushes ice, dishwasher safe, low cost

Cons: Takes longer to blend effectively

We’ve chosen this Kenwood Jug Blender as our budget pick. This is a low cost blender that is able to crush ice and handles making smoothies well. The blender is easy to clean as it has dishwasher safe parts.

One things we will say about this blender is that it can take longer than the others on this list to properly blend frozen fruit for smoothies.

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