5 Most Wished For Vegan Cookbooks

Looking for some vegan food inspiration? Look no further, below are 5 of the best vegan cookbooks that will help you spice up dinner time. These cookbooks are not only some of the most popular but they are also the most wished for vegan cookbooks on Amazon so if you’re looking for a vegan cookbook as a gift these are the ones to pick.


  • Pros: Beautiful – colourful and full of pictures, user friendly, simple but delicious recipes
  • Cons: Some of the recipes are quite basic, best bought as a hardback rather than kindle due to the pictures not translating well into the digital format

This book is excellent, it’s visually stunning as the layout is fantastic and it’s packed with pictures that make every recipe one you want to make. The PlantYou recipe book is detailed but easy to follow and the recipes use simple ingredients that are easy to find. This is one of the best new plantbased cookbooks available and it’s easy to see why so many people have added it to their wishlist.

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The Korean Vegan Cookbook

  • Pros: Filled with great information, fantastic recipes, beautiful photographs
  • Cons: Some of the ingredients can be hard to get hold of (unless you have a Korean supermarket near by)

This is a beautiful book that veganises traditional Korean recipes, the recipes include great photos and are easy to follow.

One of the things we love about this book is that the author takes the time to introduce a range of ingredients that users may not have used before giving a great introduction to Korean cooking. The book is full of delicious recipe and also includes stories of the author’s life and family which adds a personal side to this cookbook.

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The Fiber Fueled Cookbook

  • Pro: Informative, insightful, great recipes, fantastic resource for anyone with gut issues or food intolerances
  • Con: Only half the book is recipes

Written by gastroenterologist Dr Will Bulsiewicz, The Fiber Fueled Cookbook is a beautiful collection of plant-based recipes. This isn’t just a cookbook though, it includes insight on dietary sensitivities and information on how you can support your gut health. Overall, this is an inspiring book that will help you enjoy a plant-based diet.

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The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook

  • Pros: 500 recipes, interesting to read, simple recipes, excellent resource
  • Cons: Not strictly vegan

This cookbook is packed with diverse, budget-friendly recipes that are full of flavour. It’s the kind of book you can go back to again and again without feeling bored of the recipes. As this is such a varied recipe book, it makes a fantastic gift.

One thing to note is that this isn’t a strict vegan cookbook, instead the recipes are flexible and include information for vegeterians too. This book is great for those looking to eat more plant-based foods and for households with a range of dietary requirements.

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The Green Roasting Tin

  • Pros: Full of varied dishes, easy to follow recipes, great book layout
  • Cons: 50% vegan

The Green Roasting Tin is a great vegetarian and vegan cookbook filled with simple one dish dinners. It’s the ideal recipe book for a busy household looking for delicious meals with minimum time and effort. The dishes are packed with flavour and don’t require hours of prep and standing over the hot stove.

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