Best Vegan Makeup Remover

Whether you are looking for eco-friendly wipes, a hydrating cream, or a gentle cleanser, there are lots of great vegan makeup removers available. Below we’ve listed some of our favourite options that not only remove makeup but also leave skin feeling great.

Earth Science Eye Makeup Remover

  • Why We Like It: Gentle, good for sensitive skin, removes mascara effectively

This make up remover is fragrance-free, gentle, and doesn’t irritate the skin or eyes. It’s a great choice for people with sensitive eyes and even though it’s gentle it makes light work of removing heavy eye make up and mascara.

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Green People Gentle Cleanse

  • Why We Like It: Gentle, refreshing, doesn’t dry out skin

This is a natural, organic face wash that is free from alcohol and leaves skin feeling clean. This is a foaming face wash but it only slightly foams, despite this it works well. This wash is gentle on skin and is suitable for use on all skin types.

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Facetheory Vitamin C Cream Cleanser

  • Why We Like It: Hydrating, helps protect skin, removes make up well

The Vitamin C Cream Cleanser from Facetheory is deep cleaning and moisturising. This is great value and it comes in a glass jar. This cleanser doesn’t remove waterproof mascara or heavy makeup quite as effectively as some of the other removers on this list. This is a creamy, hydrating option that makes a moisturising alternative to oil cleansers.

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Cheeky Panda Face Wipes

  • Why We Like It: Sustainable, plastic-free, kind on skin

These face wipes are excellent, they smell amazing and are easy to use. They are well suited to sensitive skin and they don’t leave skin feeling dry. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to makeup wipes these are the ones to choose.

Although great on skin and remove light makeup, these wipes aren’t great for taking off mascara.

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e.l.f. Cosmetics Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

  • Why We Like It: Gentle, hydrating, removes makeup easily

This makeup melting balm leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised. It removes makeup quickly and easily, the balm can be used every day without leaving skin feeling stripped or dry.

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