8 Tips For Eating Vegan On A Budget

When looking at alternative products marketed as “Vegan” and “Free From” it can make it seem like going vegan is an expensive decision. Don’t worry, it’s not. There are many ways to be vegan and eat plant-based when you are on a budget. Check out the tips below and see how you can save moneyContinue reading “8 Tips For Eating Vegan On A Budget”

Are Jammie Dodgers Vegan?

Yes, as of July 2020 Jammie Dodgers are vegan. This is the result of a recipe change that removed milk protein from the ingredients. To help you avoid picking up an old pack that contains milk, this is how the vegan-friendly Jammie Dodgers are packaged: The packaging is a dark red and there is aContinue reading “Are Jammie Dodgers Vegan?”

Are Marshmallows Vegan?

Traditionally marshmallows are not vegan as they contain gelatin or egg whites. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plant based options available though, just check the ingredients list or look out for the vegan marshmallow products listed below. Why Do Marshmallows Contain Gelatin? Gelatin is often used in marshmallows to bind the ingredients and product theContinue reading “Are Marshmallows Vegan?”

Vegan: Meaning & Food Guide

Someone who is vegan avoids all animal products and animal-derived products. This includes meat, fish, dairy products, honey, eggs and by-products such as gelatine. Someone living a vegan lifestyle will avoid all animal products when buying other products such as clothing and beauty products too. Someone with a vegan diet will mostly be focusing onContinue reading “Vegan: Meaning & Food Guide”

The Best Vegan Cookbooks For Delicious Meals & Inspiration

A new recipe book should inspire you to get cooking and try new dishes. It’s so disappointing when a cookbook arrives and it ends up being just another one that gathers dust on the shelf. To help you get excited about cooking, I’ve rounded up and reviewed some of the best plant based cookbooks available.Continue reading “The Best Vegan Cookbooks For Delicious Meals & Inspiration”

A Complete Guide To Plant Based Milk

Plant based milks are increasing in popularity and it’s certainly a good time to make the switch from dairy. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed as there’s so many types of plant milk to choose from. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. This guide takes you through the environmental impact, nutritional information and pros andContinue reading “A Complete Guide To Plant Based Milk”

The Power Of Cashews

Nutritious, delicious and featured in many vegan recipes, cashews are a food that should not be overlooked. They are incredibly versatile and work well in both sweet and savoury dishes. Cashews make a great on-the-go snack, a delicious topping to salads and (with a little preparation) cashews can be turned into creamy sauces, plant-based cheese,Continue reading “The Power Of Cashews”

Is Nutella Vegan?

Nutella is not vegan as it contains milk. Nutella also contains palm oil which is strongly linked to deforestation and comes with a host of ethical concerns. The milk in Nutella is in the form of skimmed milk powder and unfortunately means the spread is not suitable for vegans. If you are vegan and youContinue reading “Is Nutella Vegan?”