Vegan Easter Gifts

Sweet treats are abundant during Easter, and we love it. All of the amazing options available means no-one will be feeling left out as we all tuck into our Easter eggs and enjoy time with family. We know from experience just how appreciated it is when someone takes the time to find a vegan easterContinue reading “Vegan Easter Gifts”

Vegan Outfitters Review

One of the things I’ve struggled with is finding vegan clothes that I like and want to wear again and again. I love wearing t-shirts and I rarely find clothes on the highstreet that align with my values and passions. Sometimes when I look online I find cool designs (especially nature/ vegan related designs) thatContinue reading “Vegan Outfitters Review”

Best Vegan Pregnancy Books

The key to an empowered pregnancy is education and these helpful, informative books are a great place to start in helping answer your questions and concerns about vegan pregnancy. The following books are excellent resources for new and experienced vegans. It is a good idea to check out high-quality pregnancy books even if you’ve beenContinue reading “Best Vegan Pregnancy Books”

Best Vegan Chocolate for Celebrations

If you think vegan chocolate isn’t as good as non-vegan chocolate, you’ve been looking in the wrong places. Below are 5 of the best vegan chocolates on the market. They are indulgent and perfect for celebrations. These chocolates make great gifts for friends and family and are ideal for treating yourself too. Booja-Booja Chocolate TrufflesContinue reading “Best Vegan Chocolate for Celebrations”

Best Vegan Cookbooks 2022

A new recipe book should inspire you to get cooking and try new dishes. It’s so disappointing when a cookbook arrives and it ends up being just another one that gathers dust on the shelf. To help you get excited about cooking, I’ve rounded up and reviewed some of the best plant based cookbooks available.Continue reading “Best Vegan Cookbooks 2022”

Best Vegan Gifts For Her

On this list you’ll find a range of vegan gift ideas including food treats, clothing gifts, beauty/ pamper sets and other thoughtful presents that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your favourite vegan. If the gift recipient can see you’ve been thoughtful about the gift choice they are going to feelContinue reading “Best Vegan Gifts For Her”

Are Wax Wraps Vegan?

Wax wraps (commonly beeswax or soy wax) are becoming increasingly popular as a plastic-free, zero-waste way of covering food. They are used to replace plastics such as clingfilm, plastic bags, plastic containers etc. Beeswax wraps are not vegan but there are now plenty of vegan wax wraps available so making envrionmentally friendly switches remains easy. Continue reading “Are Wax Wraps Vegan?”