Best Vegan Chocolate for Christmas

If you think vegan chocolate isn’t as good as non-vegan chocolate, you’ve been looking in the wrong places. Below are 5 of the best vegan chocolates on the market. They are indulgent and perfect for Christmas. These chocolates make great gifts for friends and family and are ideal for treating yourself too. Booja-Booja Chocolate TrufflesContinue reading “Best Vegan Chocolate for Christmas”

Vegan Alternatives To Top Chocolate Brands

One of the toughest things is finding vegan versions of your favourite chocolates so this guide will help you find the vegan options that hit the spot. Below you can find delicious vegan alternatives to Galaxy Bars, Lindt, Kinder Bueno, Smarties, Maltesers and more. Vegan Alternative to Kinder Bueno These used to be one ofContinue reading “Vegan Alternatives To Top Chocolate Brands”

Are After Eights Vegan?

No, unfortunately After Eights contains butterfat (from milk) making them non-vegan. There is often some confusion around After Eights as the original recipe (not the current recipe) was vegan. However, the recipe was changed to include dairy meaning they are no longer vegan and have not been for a long time.  After Eights always seemContinue reading “Are After Eights Vegan?”