Best Vegan Hiking Boots

This guide will help you find durable, grippy and supportive hiking boots that contain no animal-derived products. Powered by plants on every adventure, let’s go! Our Verdict Vegan Hiking Boots Check Price Most Eco-Friendly Sport Waterproof Hiking Boots from Will’s Vegan Shoes Will’s Vegan Shoes Best All Rounder Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid GORE-TEX MensContinue reading “Best Vegan Hiking Boots”

Vegan, Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Unfortunately, not all sunscreen is vegan or environmentally friendly. Some actually damages reefs and has a devastating impact on marine life. This guide takes a look at 3 of the best vegan, cruelty-free and reef-safe sunscreens and explains why not all sunscreen is good. Top 3 Vegan Sunscreen Products Brand SPF Ratings Reef Safe? Hypoallergenic?Continue reading “Vegan, Reef-Safe Sunscreen”

8 Tips For Eating Vegan On A Budget

When looking at alternative products marketed as “Vegan” and “Free From” it can make it seem like going vegan is an expensive decision. Don’t worry, it’s not. There are many ways to be vegan and eat plant-based when you are on a budget. Check out the tips below and see how you can save moneyContinue reading “8 Tips For Eating Vegan On A Budget”

3 Simple Ways To Check If Fur is Faux

Over the years, retailers have been found to be selling real fur under a “faux fur” label. This is why it is always worth checking the fur yourself. If you’ve got your eye on, own or have been gifted an item of clothing with fur, use these 3 quick methods to check if it isContinue reading “3 Simple Ways To Check If Fur is Faux”

Is Perfume Vegan?

Is Perfume Vegan? No, not all perfume is vegan. Most perfume contains animal-derived ingredients or have been tested on animals. Many of us think of perfume as a natural and cruelty free product but sadly this is not usually the case. Perfume rarely has information on the packaging which makes it extremely difficult to knowContinue reading “Is Perfume Vegan?”

Vegan: Meaning & Food Guide

Someone who is vegan avoids all animal products and animal-derived products. This includes meat, fish, dairy products, honey, eggs and by-products such as gelatine. Someone living a vegan lifestyle will avoid all animal products when buying other products such as clothing and beauty products too. Someone with a vegan diet will mostly be focusing onContinue reading “Vegan: Meaning & Food Guide”

A Complete Guide To Plant Based Milk

Plant based milks are increasing in popularity and it’s certainly a good time to make the switch from dairy. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed as there’s so many types of plant milk to choose from. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. This guide takes you through the environmental impact, nutritional information and pros andContinue reading “A Complete Guide To Plant Based Milk”

Is Peanut Butter Vegan?

Yes, peanut butter is usually vegan. It’s always worth checking the ingredients but the majority of peanut butter is made with peanuts, vegetable oil and salt. The best peanut butter is made with 100% peanuts. The creamy, versatile goodness of peanut butter is delicious and most types are vegan. It’s great in smoothies, sandwiches, saucesContinue reading “Is Peanut Butter Vegan?”

Vegan Alternatives To Top Chocolate Brands

One of the toughest things is finding vegan versions of your favourite chocolates so this guide will help you find the vegan options that hit the spot. Below you can find delicious vegan alternatives to Galaxy Bars, Lindt, Kinder Bueno, Smarties, Maltesers and more. Vegan Alternative to Kinder Bueno These used to be one ofContinue reading “Vegan Alternatives To Top Chocolate Brands”

The Best Vegan Day And Night Creams

Finding vegan skincare products can feel a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to look. There’s no need to worry as there are lots of fantastic vegan, cruelty-free and organic moisturisers available that won’t break the bank. These moisturisers have been expertly crafted and will leave your skin feeling soft and revitalised. Below isContinue reading “The Best Vegan Day And Night Creams”