Are Wax Wraps Vegan?

Wax wraps (commonly beeswax or soy wax) are becoming increasingly popular as a plastic-free, zero-waste way of covering food. They are used to replace plastics such as clingfilm, plastic bags, plastic containers etc.

Beeswax wraps are not vegan but there are now plenty of vegan wax wraps available so making envrionmentally friendly switches remains easy. 

There’s not much difference between high quality beeswax and vegan wax wraps. The beeswax wraps tend to have a slight scent of honey which is the only real defining feature between the two.

If you are looking for a cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, vegan option go for the vegan wax wraps. The vegan wax wraps are also ideal if you have a honey or pollen allergy but still want to wrap your food in something that’s not plastic.

We’ve listed some of our favourite vegan options below:

Bee Zero Waste 

XL. Handmade in the UK. 100% vegan. 

Bee Zero Waste offers a range of sizes and also sells a pack of 10 (various sizes)

Bevs Eco Products

Medium. Soy and palm oil free. Handmade in the UK.

Eco Homemade 

Colourful designs. Made with soy wax, cotton fabric. Pack of 3. 

Friendly Box UK 

100% cotton with organic candelilla, non-GMO soy wax, jojoba oil and pine resin. This is a 2 pack of 1 medium and 1 large wrap.

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