Vegan Outfitters Review

One of the things I’ve struggled with is finding vegan clothes that I like and want to wear again and again. I love wearing t-shirts and I rarely find clothes on the highstreet that align with my values and passions. Sometimes when I look online I find cool designs (especially nature/ vegan related designs) that are made by non-vegan or low quality brands who are simply looking to make money without actually living what’s printed on their t-shirts.

This is a common struggle for many so I wanted to share my personal review of Vegan Outfitters. A reliable brand that offers excellent quality, ethical, and cruelty-free clothing. I own a few t-shirts from Vegan Outfitters and these t-shirts have been through a lot of wears, washes, and adventures over the last couple of years and yet still look and feel great.

Vegan Outfitters There Is No Planet B T-Shirt

Vegan Outfitters The Future Is Vegan T-Shirt

When I first came across Vegan Outfitters a few years ago, I was impressed by their values and high standards. Their clothes are cruelty-free and ethically made, this means:

  • No sweatshops
  • No child labour
  • 7x less water than average clothing manufacturer
  • Solar powered sewing
  • Safe, lawful, and humane manufacturing
  • Produced in an eco-friendly way

Vegan Outfitters Resopect Your Mother T-Shirt

The items also come in plastic-free packaging, and every purchase helps support UK animal sanctuaries.

Combine this with the awesome vegan-inspired, impactful, and eye-catching designs and soft material and you can see why I love the brand. Some of the t-shirts I have now had for over 2 years and I still wear them often because the designs have not faded or come away and the t-shirts are just as soft as they were on day one.

Exclusive Discount Code for Vegan Outfitters (5% off when you spend over £50): FIND5

Vegan Outfitters Herbivore Dinosaur T-Shirt

There are loads of brilliant unisex designs available and they have long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, and shoes too. This is one of my go-to brands and it’s ideal if you’re looking for a gift for your favourite vegan too.

Vegan Outfitters Vegan Impact Sweatshirt

There are so many great prints on the site, there’s something for everyone. This sweatshirt shows the impact of being vegan for one month. In that time you have saved 33,481 gallons of water, 913 sq. ft. of forest, 609 Lbs of CO2 and 30 lives. It’s a great reminder of why we are vegan and is also an eye-opening conversation starter for your non-vegan friends 🙂

Vegan Outfitters Exclusive Discount Code (5% off when you spend over £50): FIND5

A bit of shopping advice before I go: If you find a brand you like, try to get a bit more information about them so you know what you are supporting with your money. I highly recommend doing this if you tend to shop online at larger sites such as Boohoo, or sites where the clothing is extremely cheap to buy. It’s always worth doing a bit of research to find out more before making a purchase.

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