Best Vegan Pregnancy Books

The key to an empowered pregnancy is education and these helpful, informative books are a great place to start in helping answer your questions and concerns about vegan pregnancy.

The following books are excellent resources for new and experienced vegans. It is a good idea to check out high-quality pregnancy books even if you’ve been a long-term vegan as your body has different needs throughout your pregnancy. These books help take the guesswork out of vegan pregnancy and many include supplement and nutritional information as well as recipes.

Best Overall: Your Complete Vegan Pregnancy: Your All-In-One Guide to a Healthy, Holistic, Plant-Based Pregnancy

Highlight: Covers all basics

This book is best for new vegans as it covers all of the basics rather than providing in-depth information. The book provides food recommendations and key information on nutrition.

Overall this is a beautiful book that is well written and is excellent for new vegans and those wanting all the basic information in one place.

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Best Evidence-Based Resource: Eating Plant-Based: Scientific Answers to Your Nutrition Questions

Highlight: Non-biased and evidence-based in a simple Q&A style

This book is not specific to pregnancy and parenting but it is very informative, evidence-based and up to date so is a fantastic resource to have on hand.

Eating Plant-Based is an excellent book for professionals and anyone who wants information on a plant based diet. It’s a great reference that follows a question and answer format and covers important questions including “is a plant based diet suitable for children?”.

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Best For All Life Stages: Becoming Vegan

Highlight: Has sections on pregnancy and breastfeeding

While not specific to pregnancy, this informative and interesting book does include sections on pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is a comprehensive book that ensures all of the information is easy to grasp. This is an excellent resource covering vegan nutrition in all stages of life.

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Best Weaning Recipes: Little Veggie Eats: Easy Weaning Recipes for All the Family to Enjoy

Highlight: Great book on vegetarian and vegan weaning

The recipes are easy to follow and the book is well laid out. The book has been written with input from a nutritionist and includes tips to meet your child’s nutritional needs.

One thing we like is that the recipes include how long they take to make and also what freezes well which is very helpful.

While this is a vegetarian-focussed book there are ingredient substitute ideas for making the recipes vegan.

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