8 Tips For Eating Vegan On A Budget

When looking at alternative products marketed as “Vegan” and “Free From” it can make it seem like going vegan is an expensive decision. Don’t worry, it’s not. There are many ways to be vegan and eat plant-based when you are on a budget. Check out the tips below and see how you can save money on your next shopping trip.

Tip 1) Buy Ingredients & Cook At Home

Buying the ingredients and cooking at home is cheaper and usually healthier than buying processed meals from a shop. This doesn’t have to be a hugely time consuming task either. If you are really pressed for time during the week you could try meal prep in advance or cook in large batches and freeze portions so you can enjoy healthy, home-made goodness quickly and easily.

Tip 2) Consider Buying Frozen Fruit & Veg

Frozen fruit and veg is often cheaper and it will last a long time so you don’t have to worry about things going off before you’ve had a chance to use them.

Tip 3) Look At Own-Brand Items

When it comes to finding dairy-free options, you can usually find more affordable items in the supermarkets own-brand range.

Haven’t seen the own-brand items? They are often located on the lower shelves so have a look around next time you’re in the shop and see what bargains you can bag!

Tip 4) Buy In Bulk

Bulk buying will give you great savings. Buy larger bags of pantry goods such as rice, pasta, flour etc. and you will spend less. You can save more in bulk-buy stores but if there isn’t one nearby just go for the larger bags in your local supermarket.

Tip 5) Take Advantage Of Offers

If there are items with a long shelf like that you use regularly (for example vegan milk), bulk buy it when you see it is on offer. If you see fresh produce that is on offer too, you can always buy it and freeze it for use another time.

Tip 6) Don’t Forget About International Shops

Local international shops are great for affordable spices, tofu, vegetables, dried lentils, noodles etc.

Tip 7) Enjoy Leftovers For Lunch

Make a big meal and you can enjoy the leftovers for lunch the next day. This is not only delicious but will help save you money.

Tip 8) Avoid Expensive Alternatives

It can be a bit too easy to fall into the trap of regularly picking up meat-free burger or dairy-free cheese but these items are expensive. Reducing your intake of these alternatives can save money. They make a nice treat but shouldn’t really be forming the bulk of your plant-based diet anyway.

I know going vegan can feel daunting, especially when a lot of items seem so expensive. Don’t worry about all the fancy free-from and vegan alternatives, they are great as treats but you can enjoy delicious, healthy and balanced meals without them.

Remember, it’s not just the meat-free sausages marked “VEGAN” you can enjoy. There are aisles full of fruit, vegetables, lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, pasta, rice and so much more for you to enjoy. This food guide may help you find items you enjoy.

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