Are Oreo Creme Eggs Vegan?

No, Oreo Creme Eggs contain milk making them not suitable for vegans. The ingredients list include milk, whey powder (from milk), skimmed milk powder, and milk fat.

Are Oreos Vegan?

Classic Oreos do not contain any animal products so are vegan, however Oreo say there is cross-contamination risk with milk which makes them not vegan. This also applies to the double stuff oreos, golden oreos, and chocolate cream oreos.

In short, Classic Oreos are vegan but the manufacturing process and cross contamination risk means they cannot be labelled as vegan. It really depends on personal preference and where you draw the line, some vegans avoid anything with cross contamination risks and this means Oreos are a no go but other vegans do not worry about cross contamination.

Check the ingredients list if you’re looking at different Oreo flavours as the Peanut Butter flavour contains milk.

Are Creme Eggs Vegan?

No, creme eggs contain milk, whey powder (from milk) and dried egg white making them not suitable for vegans.

Are Cadbury Caramel Eggs Vegan?

No, these caramel eggs contain milk, whey powder (from milk), and skimmed milk powder.

Is There A Vegan Creme Egg?

Mummy Meegz makes a vegan creme egg called Chuckie Egg. The eggs are back for Easter 2022 with a new and improved recipe. So keep an eye out for them. Previously they have been available in Holland & Barrett stores but check out the Mummy Meegz website for more info.

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